Love handles - my secret tip

Oh those stubborn little buggers - love handles or muffin tops; whatever you like to call them. For many of us girls, this is a typical case of what we would refer to as a “problem area”. I get this asked a lot. “How can I get rid of my muffin tops?” or similar questions or tricks to e.g. tone up legs, belly whatever it is. It’s just that one part of your body you are not happy with and find yourself staring in the mirror every day thinking how bad you are starting to look and it tends to get worse every day.

Have you ever found yourself feeling insecure in your bikini because let’s say you hate your love handles. So you sit there and secretly check out every single love handle passing by. You find yourself thinking “oh, I wish I had a body like the girl over there, she does not have any signs of love handles, she must feel so self-confident. If I was her, I would go and eat a big burger and fries because she does not have ANY problems in her life”, yeah??

Now, did it ever cross your mind that maybe that girl over there was looking at you, thinking “oh look at those legs, I wish I had legs like those”. Not very often would you find yourself walking around comparing your awesome pair of legs because that is actually the part you are quite proud of? No – probably not. We tend to only focus on our flaws. We are basically so super nasty to ourselves and really drag ourselves down with our negative thoughts. WHY? Who invented perfection? Instagram? Who said a low body % percentage is anywhere to perfection? It is not! Just stop it! Yes, I can most certainly relate, because I have those days too!! Big surprise, nobody is immune to it. Not even trainers. WOW.

However a few years back thoughts like these were consuming my mind, where now I don’t take it so serious anymore.

So, do you think you have love handles? Dislike your belly, thighs, calves, big toe or whatever it is? What is the secret tip I hear you ask?



(picture taken within 30 seconds apart)

YES! Wear something you feel comfortable in. Wear something that really shows off your good bits, not squeezes out the bits that you are not proud to show. You think that’s “cheating”? Do you even realise how stupid that sounds