I want to lose 10kg by the 10th of September

Sounds like you??

Well, you are not the only one. Most people would love to drop a few kgs on the scale, which is the main motivating reason they start to exercise. Don't get me wrong. It is super important to have a goal, however you have to be careful when setting yourself a goal. Very often the goal isn't achievable within the time given. When setting a very specific goal, the risk of not meeting that goal is quite high. If you don't loose the number of kilos within the time you have set yourself, you will most likely feel like you have let yourself down. You might feel like you have failed. Again. How would most people react to that?

"Well screw that, I will never be fit and healthy; I may as well just accept myself the way I am and give up trying".

And this right there my friend - when you stop trying - is when you are failing.

Becoming fitter and healthier isn't exactly easy and it doesn't happen overnight.

It is important to have a goal in mind, however you have to find an exercise routine, as well as healthy eating habits, which are doable for you. Something that you can stick to long term. It is so important that you can enjoy the journey towards your big goal and to celebrate small achievements along the way.

Adjusting your lifestyle is hard work and it will require breaking through some old habits. Some days you might find yourself on the lounge with a block of chocolate and zero motivation to do anything and guess what, that is okay. Don't let this upset you and make you feel like you are failing. Accept that there will be down times; days where you aren't sticking to your plan. Just pick yourself up the next day, move on with life and continue with your plan to becoming that better version of yourself. If you stick to your plan 80% of the time, you will make progress - a slow and steady process. This is the key. Don't pressure yourself with a timeframe. Don't be upset if you are not dropping kilo by kilo each week, because it probably won't happen. Look at the big picture and see how much progress you have made overall in the last few weeks. If you are happy with that - great. If not, you might have to look at re-adjusting your habits again. It's all trial and error but as long as you keep trying your best, you are not failing.

Don't give up - enjoy the ride.

If you need help finding your way, let us know. With our new Online Coaching programme, we can be there for you, no matter where you are.

Until next time