Exercising but not seeing any results?

I always wonder.....

Well, I hate to say it but when was the last time you really questioned your daily food intake? It's no news that progress comes from 80% nutrition, combined with a regular, efficient exercise routine.

If you have read my last post you would know that I am not a big fan of counting calories, as it is just too easy to get obsessed over numbers, which I don’t believe is a fun lifestyle to live. However, I did say that it also isn’t completely wrong either. So here is what I believe.

If you are trying to tone up, you do have to watch what you are eating. For some, this comes easy. Some of you just know what is and isn’t so good for you and know their food intake pretty well and can adjust accordingly. Some don’t, because it can be so freaking confusing with all these opinions out there.

If you have absolutely no idea of how much is too much and what isn’t enough; tracking your food intake can definitely help you. In addition to that, it also helps you understand nutritional information on packaged food better, because you are starting to think about it a bit more than what you would if you weren’t paying any attention to it.

I don’t believe in categorising your food in “good” or “bad” because we all know that a piece of cake probably isn’t the best thing for you but it doesn’t mean that you can not have any cake ever in your life again. It is all about the balance and the quantity. Food tracking apps can help you understand how much you “should” be eating to more or less maintain your weight, lose or gain some kgs. If you are exercising regularly but just can’t see much progress – I suggest tracking your food intake for one week. It could definitely indicate where you may have room for improvements that you may have been completely unaware of. If you still don’t understand what the heck you are looking at, send it to me and I can summarise things for you.

What I don’t believe is that “a calorie is a calorie”. I do not believe that 100 calories from cake is the same as 100 calories from fruit. I am pretty sure your body can do much better things with some natural, nutritional foods - like keeping you alive and stuff. PLUS it is not all about the weight and the looks; we want to be healthy and make a sustainable lifestyle change, so don’t get fooled by low calorie “eat what you want” diets, because it is not all about loosing weight, it is about being healthy in the longterm.

So to summarise, maybe go track your foods for a week to see where you are at, be critical and honest but don’t get obsessed over numbers. Sometimes all it takes is to be more conscious about what you put in your mouth every day and tracking for a while, can definitely help with this.